About our Law Firm


Weston Ward & Lascelles was established in 1883 and has been providing legal services in Canterbury ever since.   The firm serves many clients and communities in both personal and business matters.


WWL is organized into two client service teams.   Each is able to deliver specialist advice and can call on the skills of others in the firm to provide the best solution on a wide range of legal issues.


Law is not just a process, but a framework tailored by us to best suit the individual needs of every client.





The firm of WESTON WARD & LASCELLES commenced practice in 1883 when Thomas Shailer Weston (1837–1912) opened his law practice in Christchurch.   By this time he had practised law in other parts of New Zealand and had also served as a District Judge in Napier and as a Member of Parliament.  His brother Henry and his son George later joined him in the practice.   In 1902 he moved to New Plymouth to serve as Crown Prosecutor.


The firm of T S Weston & Son continued in the care of his son George Thorngate Weston (1876–1957).    In 1905 he employed Robert Beecher Ward (1880–1929) as a solicitor manager.   During World War I, George served overseas from 1916 until war’s end and returned to New Zealand in 1919.   His firm had continued to thrive in the sole care of Robert Ward.    The two then went into partnership and the name of the firm changed to Weston & Ward.


In 1921 William Ross Lascelles (1895-1985), who had served as an Officer with George in France, was admitted into the partnership and the name of the firm was changed to the name it bears to this day.   Ross Lascelles returned to the Army in World War II and served as a Colonel and a Battalion Commander in the Canterbury Regiment. 


The achievements of these three named ancestors are many.    Each in their turn gave distinguished service to the legal profession and to their community.   Thomas and his son George together covered a span of 96 years of legal practice! 


In the history of the firm, many distinguished lawyers have worked under its banner and a good number have gone on to serve with distinction as Judges and Queen’s Counsel. 


The Commitment to Service and Quality continues ….

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