business Sale and Purchase

Business Sale & Purchases

Make sure you have your best foot going forward and your due diligence done properly.

Working together

Enduring Power of Attorney

Do you need someone else to make decisions on your behalf now or when you are unable to do so?

Estate Planning

Organise how your property will be distributed when you die or are unfit to do so.

Family Law


We are here to support you and your children through the separation process.


First Home Buyer

Find out how you may get into your first home sooner than you can imagine.

Litigation & Court

We have a highly experienced team of litigators in a wide range of separate fields.

Residential Conveyancing

We aim to make the buying or selling legal process of your home simple.

A couple from the chest down holding hands in a new relationship

Relationship Property

Find out what your partner maybe entitled to after three years or earlier in some cases.

A blue shirted and white shirted men shaking hands

Shareholder Agreements

Make your partnership easy by having a shareholder agreement, where you have agreed upon different scenarios and outcomes.

Starting a business

Starting a business

Find out the appropriate business structure for your business.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Have the future implemented, this can save time and money.

T&C's of Trade Agreements

Learn how to avoid unnecessary business expense by having adequate T&C's for your clients.



Find out whether a trust might be suitable for you to secure your property.

Man in a blue shirt writing with a pen


Do you not have a Will? Who will speak for you when you die?

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