First Home Buyers

Wanting to step onto the property ladder? Make sure you are making the best decision. Our team is highly experienced and knows how to make this process as stress-free as possible.You may be able to get into your first home sooner than you think. Before evening considering looking through open homes it is best to find out whether you are able to get lending to pay for your home. You are best to see a mortgage broker and they will be able to calculate how much you are able to afford. Once you know whether you are able to get lending, this is when you should start looking for your first home. 

Where do WWL fit into this? - You probably knew that a lawyer was going to be needed in this process. The basic reason for this is either a lawyer or conveyancer needs to register the title of the property that you purchase. Amongst other things, you need to be aware of anything that is on the title and the type of title. These are all the things we take care of when doing the conveyancing of the property. - Another reason is that when you buy a property this is a large financial commitment. So it is important that you are aware of what you are signing in the Sale and Purchase Agreement. We are able to do contract reviews for you when you have found a property that you are wanting to purchase and inform you of issues concerning the property. - We also have great expertise with using your KiwiSaver and Housing New Zealand Home Start Grant.  

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