Why should I have a Will?  

A Will will honour your wishes and distribute any of your belongings (known as your estate) when you die. If you die without a Will (known as intestate) the Administration Act 1969 specifies how your property will be distributed - usually to a surviving spouse/partner and immediate family in set proportions. This administration process is more expensive and takes longer if you don’t have a Will. A Will also prevents any other claims from other person, you would be surprised the types of claims that arise when you die.  

A Living Will is a document where if you are incapacitated this will give medical staff, your family and loved ones a clear indication to your family if you were unlikely to recover, or if you do recoverm if your quality of life would be adversely affected.  

However, you are a long time dead, and it is important that your death wishes are upheld. It is important to update your Will at least every five years and if you have any change to your circumstances.  

FAQ - Wills

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