Updating your Will

Why should you have a Will? 

If you don't have a Will ask yourself "who will organise your life when you die?" If you're intial thought are your partner, or your child or your friend, consider the idea that at the time of your death they are likely to be in either shock or grieving or both. Death is a difficult time, and it is important that your wishes and your legacy is upheld. An up to date Will documents your wishes and upholds your legacy. Your estate, (which is all your property) will be distributed in accordance to your Will by an executor. This is the person that you nominate, and is usually your lawyer. If you don't have a Will the process is usually more prolonged and costly, the expenses are taken from your money.

Need a Will?

A Will is one of the most important documents you will hold - it will uphold your wishes and legacy. Please note this article does not constitute legal advice and may be outdated. 


I have a Will - when should I review it?

- At least every five years. - When your general circumstances change i.e when you buy or sell a home. - After the birth of your children. - After the death of a family member. - After any significant alteration in the situation of a family member. - On marriage. - On separation or divorce.  

How does the review process work?

All you need to do is simply contact the office, you can either call us or email to arrange a time to meet and we can review your Will at the office. Or we can email a copy of your Will to you to review, but however it is important that any alterations to them (codicils) are completed properly for the document to be effective. 

Once we have updated the Will we will need you to sign the updated Will. We will hold the original copy of your Will and send you a photocopy of the signed Will.  

Want to check that your Will is up to date?

It is important that your Will is up to date as this will make the process less complicated when your estate is being distributed. Please note this article does not constitute legal advice and may be outdated.